One Grain of Sand (picture book)

One Grain of Sand (picture book)


One Grain of Sand
by Pete Seeger, illustrated by Linda Wingerter
Little, Brown & Co 2010
32 page picture book

New copy of this out-of-print lullaby picture book by Pete Seeger, illustrated by myself, Linda Wingerter. Of the seven picture books I've painted, this is by far the most beloved of my readers and personally meaningful. It was one of the greatest honors of my career to work with Pete.

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*Starred Review* PreS-Gr. 1. A lullaby written by folksinger Pete Seeger for his daughter in the 1950s is the text for this charming picture book that takes children on a journey from the African plains to the city. Gentle, lyrical verses enfold young listeners in a wide, wonderful world, united by love and family. The concept is echoed and enhanced by Wingerter's luminescent, realistic art; the artist's use of texture and color, from cool blues to sunny golds, adds warmth to intimate close-ups, such as a family lovingly watching its new baby, and also to stunning panoramas. The simple language and repetitive words and phrases provide comfort and reassurance to little ones, quietly drawing them toward the close of the book, which shows the children pictured on the first pages now asleep in their mother's arms. Included are sample musical notation, an introductory note discussing the song's origins and performance history, and an invitation for creative adaptation. Among the growing number of books that use song lyrics as text, this clearly stands out as a lovely mesh of art and language that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the world--and family ties. Shelle Rosenfeld
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School Library Journal:
PreSchool-Grade 1-A simple and gentle lullaby becomes a trip around the world that starts and ends on a small tropical island. The sun comes up as the oft-repeated phrase "One grain of sand" begins the first page of this ode to parental love. Viewed from high above, a mother observes her two children greet the sun, watching it rise from behind the mountains. The trip continues over the sea and through seaside towns and big cities, as the grain of sand is compared to a drop of water in the sea, a snowflake in a storm, or a raindrop splashed in an eye. From the cold climes of snow-covered countries to India and back to horses galloping across the American plains, the beautiful illustrations, with a palette of blues and earth tones predominating, depict various pairs of parents and children. Giraffes on the African plain, polar bears on an Arctic ice floe, and a cat and her kittens on a city rooftop all display their love before readers are returned to the original mother and children, back inside their tropical-island home now that the sun has set. In an opening note, Seeger explains that verses were added to his original lullaby over the years and includes a couple of lines of melody, explaining that the nature of this freewheeling song is that no two verses are exactly alike. Although no recording is included, the words sing as they are read aloud. A lovely choice for bedtime reading.
Jane Marino, Scarsdale Public Library, NY
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