doll club

On Saturday my doll club, Original Doll Artisans of Connecticut, went to speak and show our dolls to another doll club, the New London Doll Club, at the Groton Public Library. Our doll club makes dolls, their doll club collects them.

The best thing about this was hearing my fellow ODACT sisters talk about their work and why they make the kinds of dolls they do. This group has really made me consider why I've always tended toward floppy, moveable dolls; while they for the most part all make posed dolls with beautiful set gestures that stand on their own. I've made two of these since I joined the group, and found my instincts fighting it all the way.

It finally occured to me that for years I've been making puppets without knowing it. Seeing as I grew up in my grandfather's puppet theater, and made and played with puppets through my childhood, kind of makes a lot of sense. Amazing the things we don't notice about ourselves that are as clear as day.

The photo: the lovely ladies of the New London doll club taking a serious look at our dolls. The most enthusiastic and critical viewers of our art form. I was nervous.