fire toys

These were the collective communal toys we had full time access to play with at WildFire last week. Fire staffs, fire poi, fire hoops, fire fans, fire clubs, fire fingers, fire whips, fire darts, fire devil sticks! This was too much for me to take. Not only did I get no rest over a weekend I'd hoped would be relaxing, it also renewed my awareness of how easily distracted I am by new pretty things, a trait that has kept me a jack-of-all / master-of-none sort of person.

Of course all these fire dancing disciplines inform each other. Poi has given me a new feeling for staff, and staff has helped me get my brain around poi. And for me all of them are about overcoming fear and developing an intimate relationship with this beautiful wild element that is so inspiring. But it would be nice to focus on one thing and become proficient at it. I imagine that would come with some amount of relief as well. It's exhausting being in love with everything everywhere all the time.