I don't know where I think the world is going, but I've been racing around trying to eat up every bit of it as if it's about to disappear.

This month has been beyond anything I can recall, with so many projects, events, and coincidences happening all at once. Thursday, on very little sleep I raced to Boston for the grand gallery opening of Robert's Snow, which goes on auction this weekend, and found myself with nothing to do for a few minutes as I waited for a friend, who suggested I walk to this park. I did, and seeing the fall leaves, water, and benches I suddenly recalled what I'd learned at the Mercy Center so dramatically-- all these wonderful, life changing experiences come to nothing without the time in between to absorb them. The rests between the notes in music are as important as the notes themselves.

I didn't have a lot of time to stay in this beautiful spot, but it was an important reminder.