This is my dad, Bob Wingerter, somewhere around 1954 at the Woodbridge Air Force base in England. Behind him is an F-84 fighter jet that he worked on as an electrician.
This is me last week in front of an F-100 Super Sabre. My aviation history expert friend Brett took me to the New England Air Museum to see it (and sit in it) last week during a rare open cockpit day.

I have about 150 letters my dad wrote home to his parents during his time in the 79th Fighter Bomber Squadron working on planes. He was most excited when the F-100s replaced the F-84s, it was the first American production supersonic jet. He couldn't wait for a chance at a ride in one. "Quite a thrill to fly faster than sound and rise from the ground to 40,000 feet in a matter of seconds." I wish I knew if he did.