I couldn't resist blogging this picture for the pleasure of seeing it in contrast to the fairy painting below.

It's important to try new uncomfortable things frequently. A couple of months ago I went to a Providence Roller Derby practice to shake myself out of a chronic funk. I achieved the high discomfort level I was seeking and found that 4 years of crowded public session ice skating had groomed me very well for close pack skating and weaving. And that I have a love for knocking and being knocked around. And that rollergirls are some of the most impressive women I've ever seen. I kept going back.

By some strange twists of fate I became a co-captain of the new Connecticut Roller Derby League and took the name Polly Sonic. Now I'm in part responsible for preparing 40 girls to fight each other on skates. Already, it's tailbone injuries everywhere, and it'll only get worse. But they've got a fierce dedication, and I've come to be just as dedicated to them. I can't think of any other time I've just happened to have a specific group of skills that were this useful anyone else. It's wonderful to be so needed. This new venture might seem like one of the unwisest I've taken on, but I'm sure it's a place I'm suppose to be.

Photo: the Connecticut league scrimmaging at the Danbury roller rink.