I get overly attached to people. When they have to move on I become disfunctionally distraught. Lately there's been a lot of people who've become dear to me, and I guess just by odds, I am losing a lot at once.

I'm feeling the loss of Elm Shakespeare, as this is the first summer in 5 years I'm not working for them. Wildfire brought me great new friends who are now spread across the east. And now, roller derby, true to its nature, has begun to take its toll on our numbers with injury and exhaustion. The news of girls leaving the league has especially gotten to me. We've struggled together, become intimately familiar with each other with close contact skating and 6 hours of practice a week plus endless meetings. And by captaining I've become intensely invested in their development. Losing any of them is losing family.

But with 45 girls and rougher times ahead, I'd better start getting used to it.

Really, I do apologize for continued grimness. I have confidence this blog will eventually get back to its original light hearted spirit. In fact I'm going to make a conscious effort from here on out to regain my sense of humor.