fame (fortune still missing)

Polly had every form of media covered last week. She was the lead interview on a Channel 3 TV spot, on WPLR radio, and in the Record-Journal newspaper today. I only wish Linda, the children's book illustrator, could get a fraction of this kind of publicity.

Jayne Bondage and I get interviewed by Diana Rocco of Channel 3 and Chaz from the Chaz & AJ Show.

Jayne and I are confused by unexpected questions. Neither of us are familiar with morning radio banter. And we stink from skating in the hot sun all morning in our smelly gear, as evidenced in Diana Rocco's face.

Us with News Channel 3's Scot Haney, who was as cool as his amazingly cool pants.

This picture makes me realize how much smaller I am then the others. I think of myself as a lot bigger. Maybe I shouldn't have seen this.