Miss Understood

Lots of people are unhappy with me right now. I count a dozen at least, probably more I'm not aware of.

I know it's hard to understand why I'm so set on roller derby which takes up a whole lot of time and seems to be a pointless risk to my health. Though I was led to it by synchronicity, in getting to know the other women I've discovered there are actually logical reasons behind it. And those with preconceptions from the past about what derby is now, cast them away, because the revival is not what you think.

And rollergirls are not what you think either. They are tattoo artists, biker chicks, stay at home moms, marketing executives, nurses, yoga instructors, chefs, therapists, veterinarians, elementary school teachers-- and a children's book illustrator, just in my league alone. All very different, all equally wonderful, and very many with a recurring theme in their background that I share, and which I'm now sure is the common denominator that has drawn us to this uncommon sport.

Good and unexpected things are coming from this. All will be revealed in time. Meanwhile, please have faith in me.

Photo: me, as Polly Sonic, in the silver helmet.