...to L.O.L.A., my car. That stands for Lap Of Luxury Automobile. She's a 98 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra. She has power windows, fabric seats, and rides like a dream. She is reliable and comfortable enough for sleeping. I love her. She enables all my adventures, like this trip to Vermont.

This is my mum's house, which was a dumpy little hunting cabin when she bought it. She's added the section on the left, the porches, the garage, and the steeped roof, and the gardens. She's also just clear cut trees all around so the place looks like a grand estate hidden in the shady woods of Vermont. I barely recognized it.

This is my mum, who I know will be mad at me for putting her picture up. But she is amazing. She's surveying her mother's clematis which she has revived.

This is also an ode to my mum. I love her too.