A link to a video of a jam this Tuesday. I'm the jammer (the racer) in white and grey.

I'm in awful form. It was the first night my new team was together as a team, of which I'm captain, and we were down a blocker or two. Jamming was harder then usual. I hadn't fully transformed from Linda to Polly. I was shaking, breathless and nauseous from nerves, realizing just then what a responsibility I've taken on. But at one point my blockers cleared a wide inside track for me so that I could just breeze by the whole pack. I was so proud of them and so tired that through the last half of this video I'm crying hysterically. They must all think I'm crazy.

It's such a weird hobby to take up. Especially when I'm making serene and gentle puppets and picture books the rest of the day.