A non-blogger who is uncomfortable with my blogging asked me why I blog.

My doll club suggested we all get one to promote our doll work, but when I saw how easy it was to load images I turned it into a pictorial journal for my mom and myself, a place to gather all the strange ecclectic things I'd been doing so she and I could reflect on why I did them, and how the separate, conflicting parts of my life might work together as a harmonious whole. Hence the Latin name antinomia, "against law", giving root to the word antinomy: "an apparent contradiction between valid principles or conclusions that seem equally necessary and reasonable."

Then I showed it to a few friends who I'd featured in the posts, and a few more found it on their own. Then some total strangers came upon it and gave me advice, encouragement, and a few leads. And since I have a habit of always looking for guidance from whoever and whatever is around me, the blog took on that habit too.

When I blog I'm either stating an intention, or asking for suggestions, and always always looking for synchronicities and chance meetings with people who may be holding a piece of the puzzle I'm still looking for. And maybe provide a piece of someone else's puzzle too. And I'm also showing off sometimes. Yes, I do that. ;)

Now the blog is already over a year old. (Amazing.) I've gone back to look at all my adventures, work, complaints, joys, friends. It helps keep my scattered self on track somehow. I'm so grateful I have it.