everything must go

It has been a most amazing year. All the new, exhilarating, scary, wonderful things I've done, and all the very lovely people I've met have opened me, inspired me, and all together changed me for good. It's also made me a bit broke.

I've rarely been able to part with my originals. Though they live in a flat file and aren't often looked at, when I do take them out to study my work, it's like studying a book of my past. Sometimes paintings bring back detailed memories of my life at the time, what I was feeling, what I was wishing for, even what song I was listening to when I finally broke though and made a painting work.

But there's no point in holding onto the past if you're not looking to your future. I'm putting them up for sale, and will have a good amount up at the next New Haven City Wide Open Studio at the end of October.

Also soon to be ebayed: art and illustration books and periodicals, supplies, and other miscellaneous things.