Last week a bathroom began to bloom in my attic. Karl decided we needed one and started building. I've wanted a sink on the third floor where my studio is, but not in the middle of my sculpture studio and storage space, when I'm teaching a puppetry class and getting ready for City Wide Open Studios in the same week.

So Karl brought in our friend Rebecca to help get the basics finished. She did, and then offered to fix the long neglected problem of the hole in my studio.

I've been freezing for 6 years from the wind that comes up through the soffets of this unfinished closet space, despite the many layers of stapled blankets and foam insulation I tried to put there.

In a day Rebecca framed it in, insulated it and hung the door.

I fought and complained about the disruption of my quiet little mess, not realizing how much I apparently needed it. My studio and I have been in shambles. The new door inspired a rearranging of furniture, a new filing system, and the joyful anticipation of adding a chalkboard. I'm still in flux, but I am warm with a renewed optimism about working here.

Rebecca has also been great spirited company in the studio, and I get the added bonus of Roxy, the 9 week old puppy who comes with her.