mixed laterality

The more I read about this, the more I am gratefully discovering that I am. I've met others who've broken their dominant hand who could barely function. But I'll probably continue using my left hand for some tasks like the mouse even after I'm healed, because it's easy and can relieve my over-stressed right hand quite a lot.

I found this:

Accident prone adults meander through life, with things exploding, catching fire or falling apart around them. Life is not easy, as they have to waste hours searching for misplaced objects. If anything can possibly go wrong, it does. As for reaching point B from point A, don’t even think about it — an inherently poor sense of direction makes even familiar roads a confusing maze. This condition affects 20% of the adult population. Unfortunately, they were not diagnosed as children when they were — to the consternation of parents and teachers — bumping into things and falling down. Their bodies are invariably speckled with scars and sutures and show evidence of healed fractures. Life for these children is difficult. Career choices are affected, with professions like driving, piloting a plane or working in a museum remaining unrealistic dreams. These ‘‘clumsy clods’’ are actually individuals with sinstral confusion, mixed laterality, cross dominance, mixed dominance or cross laterality. In short, unlike the majority, they do not have a dominant hemisphere which determines laterality or handedness. This dominance does not extend to handedness alone. There is also a dominant eye, ear, and leg, on the same side of the body. Usually, when the left hemisphere is dominant, the person is right-handed and vice versa. People with mixed laterality are exceptions to this rule. They may alternate hands when writing and legs when kicking. They subconsciously rely first on one side and then the other to perform complex tasks.

It goes on to say how the mixed lateral can't take quick directional commands, use the leg opposite their dominant hand for kicking and crossing, don't respond well to anxiety, and are usually artistic. This is me! Though I wouldn't say it's as dire as everything always going wrong.

The upside is that they can apparently balance themselves with yoga, and are exceptionally good with table tennis.