5th graders rock

This morning I did my picture book presen- tation for 3 classes of 5th graders at the Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School. It was incredible. The library was decorated with big prints of my paintings. The students had read my books and came prepared with the best questions I've ever been asked by anyone, young or old.

I went through the steps of illustrating from manuscript to printed book. I showed the endless notes and revisions. I drew animals based on my audiences descriptions. I threw in a little baton twirling, and surprised them with the fact The Pig of the Pig took 2 1/2 years to illustrate. They are an unbelievably attentive crowd. They give me their own drawings they hope will inspire me, and beautiful thank you letters.

And in the end, I got donuts to boot! Many thanks to Erik Brown, and Steph Kelly who has been helping me develop and organize this program (and took the photos!), as well as Mr. Naples and the awesome teachers of BRAMS, and especially the students. More pictures here.