the Tropicana

On Thursday we return to the Tropicana showroom.

The large portion of the stage which is the load in elevator takes us up from the basement

and onto the stage, which turns out to be the second largest in the country

with a house of a couple thousand seats.

The Tropicana crew quickly begins to put our set together.

I work on setting up the dressing rooms and repairing costumes.

The mountain of dancers' tights.

I repair the rubber butt costume for Floyd, the plumber who is not "crack- free".

Upstairs on stage the set goes together in just a few hours. Projected illustrations are by our friend Tony Baloney.

The cast hurries for a last run through of the show. Matt, the musical arranger, keyboardist, and "Floyd".

Karl "the Crack-Free Handyman" naturally strikes the title pose even when he's stressing out.

I have to pull cables on stage right, I watch the show on the backstage monitors. It goes off terrifically.

We are all relieved when it's over. I celebrate by watching the sunset from a comfy bed in the hotel room. Then I sleep for 12 hours.