As my mum and I are building my new website (really!) I've been looking through photos to add to my bio page. I found this one taken several years ago at a party at the White House for the artists who made ornaments for the official Blue Room Christmas tree. Karl and I had the best time, despite our political tendencies which didn't neccessarily coincide with the current administration. I was determined to get this photo taken with our host, who was admirably charming and witty. I figured with Laura being the most famous children's librarian in the country all my children's book friends would be impressed by this picture no matter their politics. But now everyone I've asked tells me I shouldn't put this on my website, which bums me out. Thanks a lot, George. Your low approval ratings have ruined my picture! I'm glad I stole some White House embossed paper hand towels from the bathroom to make up for it.