1929 Singer

Under the beautiful domed wooden case tied with a little key on a rotted cord was this 1929 Singer sewing machine, covered in gold swirly ornament and shiny nickel plates. It's deceptively delicate looking with its wasp waist and voluptuous curves. I know this machine can kick ass with its all-metal parts and exterior motor, but to avoid any risk I took it to Newman's sewing machine repair in Springfield, MA before I even tried plugging it in. They say it's converted to electric from a treadle machine and would last me 100 years. She's still there, I can't wait to get her back to see how she runs. 

I was thinking that any machine I kept would have to be functional, but if this one wasn't I'd have a hard time not keeping it. I am most fond of the grape vine engraved in the nickel plate, as our name Wingerter comes from "vineyard" in German. It's a work of art.