Sketchy New Haven

While I wasn't blogging I was beginning more new projects, including getting involved in burlesque and starting a local branch of an international "burlesque life drawing event" called Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Once a month I round up my talented friends, think of a theme, ask a performer to model in a great costume, build a set, collect props, put together an atmospheric musical playlist, and invite artists to come draw for 3 hours at a bar while they drink and play art games. 

It's sort of a cross between a vaudeville show and a more developed Bad Art Night. I love doing these. I get to create small, still theatrical scenes that transform a rather rough bar into something surprisingly divine, and bring my friends from different circles together to show them off, and provide the initial spark for other artists who create amazing work and new collaborations with the people they meet at these sessions. 

People often arrive expecting to find something immoral, or obscene, or degrading to women, or generally "sketchy" because of the word "burlesque", but what they usually find is something sublime. I think it's extremely important to New Haven.

Some photos from the 7 Sketchy New Haven sessions I've had so far by various photographers including myself, Mike Franzman, Natalie Scarpelli, Jeremy Adametz, and Angie Chambers. Models are Dot Mitzvah, Kitty Katastrophe, Pam Terror, Stella Fawkes, Kiki Valentine, and Angie Chamberland. Many more on the Sketchy New Haven blog