So for a year I've held the prestigious position of "Yale Costume Stock Manager" at the Yale School of Drama. I have a real day job now. I check out and restock costumes in a big basement warehouse 4 days a week. I complain a lot about the stinky thousand or so pairs of shoes to be kept in order, the messy students, and the stagnant air, but I freakin love it. The nicest part is I get to see the Yale Rep shows for free, and hang around the productions in some pretty spectacular theatrical spaces. 

The best thing I've seen in a long time was the commedia dell'arte The Servant of Two Masters. It was gorgeously made, and so well performed. Partly I loved it because of eery similarities to a tiny 6 minute vaudeville act I did a few months ago for the Forgot to Laugh Festival, including an illuminated moon for a finale and a musical saw cameo. I mean, obviously there's no way anyone at Yale saw my show, which was slapped together and silly- it's just one of those amazing sort of synchronicities that made me love the Yale show in a way my mind will set on for a long time. 

Photos from my act for Forgot to Laugh with fantastic dance, juggling, and puppet help from Nicholas Ridiculous, Lisa Anamasi, Pam Terror and Dot Mitzvah. And below, a video from The Servant of Two Masters.