Jimmy Chin

(Me stalking Jimmy Chin in Trailblazer.)

It just so happens that Robin Hirsch, a draper I sometimes stitch for at the Yale School of Drama costume shop, is also a rock climber who has met all of the men in the Chiru book. It just so happened that one of our co-workers spotted a sign in town that one of those men, Jimmy Chin, would be giving a talk at the Yale Law School, 2 blocks from where we work. So Robin and I ventured forth a couple of weeks ago with some Chiru books in hand to go meet him at the reception at Trailblazer. I was so nervous I got too giddy to talk, but Robin pushed in and made the introduction. He had no idea a children's book had been made about the chiru journey. I gave him a copy, and we signed books for each other. He was the loveliest person. His slide talk was magnificent. He skied down Everest. Yes, I said he skied down Everest. I wish I'd seen the talk during the time I was painting that book.

He we are signing books, and a serious group photo followed by a silly group photo.