my kingdom for one horse

I had a weekend full of the most marvelous horses. First, exquisite, massive, glorious horse puppets of the Handspring Puppet Company in Warhorse at Lincoln Center. I've never seen puppets or a show like that. I can't come close to describing it, so you should just go watch the trailer.

Then helping out with my friend's remarkable horse at a historical camping event for three days. My hands and nose were full of horse. It had been a long time. It's hard to get a horse off of you if you dare to let it set in long enough.

Time’s tailor has never made a robe for anyone
without then slashing it to pieces.
See how the million fools of this world
pay heaps of gold for pain.
How can you go on gazing at the body’s dust?
Search out the horseman of the Soul
and see the horseman at the center of this dust storm!