flying into the forties

There's been much going on to keep me away from Antinomia. A dozen things to catch up on, but let's start with the flying trapeze at the Trapeze School of New York.

I knew I wanted to be in the air on my 40th birthday, and I was lucky to score spots for myself and two friends on Memorial Day weekend. I've done it a couple times before, but it's still unnerving, thrilling, and amazing to climb to that platform over the Hudson and jump off. It's a feeling like no other.

The first step is getting up the very tall utility ladder strapped to the rig.

After you make it up, you get harnessed in. You look out across the water, you see 
the Statue of Liberty, you remember to breathe.

It was the first time for my rollergirl friends Jen and Jayne. That's Jayne's first time on the platform. It's shocking to have to lean out and hold the bar, which is much heavier then you'd expect.

And when they say "Hep!", you have to go! Here is Jen taking the leap.

You get reacquainted with the force of gravity very quickly.

Within the first hour they have you in a knee hang,

And somersaulting off the bar!

I got to work on a set split position, which you enter into like this.

Then drop into like this. It's intense, but oh how much it feels like flying! I never want 
to let go when they tell me to with this one.

And then everyone on their first day gets caught!

Which leaves grip marks in the chalk on your arms. Amazing!

Miraculously the rain held off until the very moment the class ended. Then it 
was a torrential downpour that canceled the rest of flying for the day, and drenched 
our run to the nearest restaurant with wine, where ElizaB joined us.

Now to figure out how I can keep flying. I could spend every day up there.