sailing to Ithaca

During my August in Ithaca I went to Cayuga Lake with two lovely friends. It was the first time I'd sat doing nothing for a long time. Boats were passing by. There was a breeze of such perfect temperature it felt like it was blowing through my molecules. Something about that day and the friends I was with put a restless feeling in my hands to construct some driftwood boats which I couldn't shake till I got home to Connecticut and tried it. I found plenty of floaty bits on the beach. After some experimentation with ballast and wax, I put four little ships together. 

Seagull feathers make nice sails. 

Also good sails: pages from an antique hymnal. 

Catamaran configurations provide sturdiness for tall, multi-sailed vessels.

The fleet setting sail for Ithaca. My closet doorknob is the moon.

 Just as fun was the challenge of packing them for travel with the US Postal Service to the muses who inspired them. Tied down to a base...

with declaration of presentation...

and instructions. 

Another dear friend took this picture of their arrival. They made it! 

This was such a satisfying building experience. How to make myself remember to allow for more do-nothing-times so these ideas have a chance to get in?