facebook theater

The new facebook format's cover photo area is a stage begging to be filled. I'm putting on a puppet show of sorts there, at first using myself and Boat #9. Now other characters are starting to enter. The scene changes about every day, making a very slow-motion stop-motion animation. I sped up the 17 days so far in the video.

It's some tricky business matching the profile picture inset up with the bigger picture. There's a lot to figure out with lighting, the photography, posing, and photoshopping. The first 16 were done in about a 4 x 6 floor space, the camera on a tripod rigged to a ladder with duct tape. I just took a new bunch in a bigger location with some different lighting, hopefully it gets easier, cause I have a million ideas to try. Friend me on facebook if you want to watch, just message me that you're an Antinomia reader.