I started out as a young artist in love with watercolour in the art of illustrators like Trina Schart Hyman. But at RISD I was a disaster in watercolour class, which was meticulous, planned, layered still life exercises. I found out there I'm not a planner. Frustrated one night with a watercolour assignment gone very badly, I squeezed acrylic on top of the failed piece then hacked and sanded into it with terrific aggression. It turned out beautifully. So I discovered acrylic to be my true love media, the one that could stand up to my indecisiveness and temper.  

I didn't touch watercolour again until last fall when I made a wedding card for my friends. Maybe I've gotten a to be a more subtle and contemplative painter with age, or maybe I just finally got over whatever happened in that class, but I enjoyed doing it very much.

Finding the tiny travel watercolour palette far easier to use on the road, I painted this map of the Ithaca Zen Center in my sketchbook when I was there this summer. 

Liking the effect of brown paper as a background and white acrylic as a highlight, I tried again with the mockingbird paper puppet for the facebook puppet show.

And then yesterday, the tiny tarot card Fool (at top). I realized I numbered it wrong, I've got to fix that!

I'm doing another mail exchange. Send a letter or some small object to me by November 18, and I'll mail you back a tiny print of The Fool:

Linda Wingerter
Ithaca Zen Center
56 Lieb Road
Spencer, NY 14883

I realize too another hurricane patch is probably in order. Stay tuned.