Shebi Arus

Khadija hosted a 3 day retreat at my home-away-from-home, the Dervish Retreat Center of Ithaca, NY.    The weekend was full of whirling classes, meditation, good eating, and woods walking, leading up to an informal sema ceremony on December 17, the annual worldwide celebration of the passing of the poet Rumi. I could only capture a few photos on my beat up phone. Thank goodness there is Instagram to pretty up terrible pictures!

Top photo: Karen in the foreground. She is healthier than ever, and turning so beautifully! 

Sheikha Khadija correcting posture during the sema rehearsal. 

The 10 women whirling students pooling available white clothing to share.

Many breaks to walk in the woods with the staff and the resident puppy.

Putting the beds to bed.

The angelic kitchen staff, Vicky and David.

And the heavenly meals they make.

The sema beginning.

The turn.

The resident peacocks.

And the resident sunrise.