hand: 1-8-07

Since the splint was banished last Wednesday I've started using the hand and being fiercer with therapy. It's fantastic to not feel so fragile anymore. At last I can put on a bra by myself. I can carry some things. My body is balancing better for not always keeping my hand protectively close. The downside is that with the middle finger still obstinately sticking out, it looks obscene whatever I do, and it's prone to getting hit with things, which hurts like mad.

There's more improvement in the broken middle metacarpophalangeal joint, but the proximal and distal interphalangeals of that finger are still stubbornly refusing to move. There's all kinds of new feelings going on in unexpected places, the palm, the back of the hand, the wrist. The shedding has stopped, now the skin is super sensitive and raw.

I can grip and pick up light weight objects like a jar, but not small objects like coins. Opening lids is a major hassle, and holding a pencil is not at all effective.

Today it's 7 weeks since the accident. All but the middle finger can now touch the palm (sometimes). My drumming exercise has come a long way.