My bones are back together, but the tendons in my fingers and hand are still stuck in scar tissue from the surgery and the fall. I'm working all the time to break them out and thinking about Mo'a's question "Why do these blessings have to come in such a painful way?" Since I got the ok last week to ditch the splint and start using my hand, it hurts more then ever. Physically the healing is more painful then getting injured.

It seems like a fact of nature that growing things comes with discomfort, the birthing of offspring, the pruning of plants, the building of callouses on fiddle fretting fingers, the tearing of muscle to make stronger skating legs. Getting punched, bruised, and slammed in derby showed me how resilient my body is and made me walk braver through other places where I needed it.

And knowing this pain comes from getting better, it's infinitely easier to take. It's funny how that works. It makes me look at all kinds of pain, even the less understandable kinds, in a different way.

Petula, my sensitive tiger dog, displays compassion.