Yesterday was the second preview show of Luna's Sea, a full stage 40 minute puppet/dance/blacklight show I wrote, built, co-directed with Cornerstone Playhouse in collaboration with the Mystic Aquarium. I'm so lucky that this show came out great because of choreography and performance by the Moon, (otherwise known as Christine Poland), the main character of Luna (Irish step dancing world champion Kaitlyn Kuvalanka), expert direction by Karl Gasteyer, poetic voice over by Keely Baisden, puppet building help by Jen McClure, and 5 incredible young puppeteers, mostly high school students: Weston, Ali, Kim, Felicia and Erica. Just looking at this list of people, plus even more people who helped and donated supplies along the way, (including my mum Judy Wingerter who I worked to the bone, and my friend Harry Johnson who helped with costumes) I'm humbled with immense gratitude. Pictures from dress rehearsal off the Luna blog. We officially open this Saturday, April 30th. I'm ridiculously tired from the months of push it took to get this up, but really happy with how it came out.