the incomprehensible silence

Oh man am I tired. Getting Luna's Sea up took the energy of a hurricane. I don't have a lot left, and I need the amount it would take to power 3 hurricanes to accomplish all I have to do this summer.

But this week I threw it all to the wind and got back to my ink on wood paintings which I've missed. This is the first sentence in the Nag Hammadi poem, so coincidentally appropriate to this week's Illustration Friday theme "beginner". And because I'm about to go on a 10 day silence retreat in upstate New York, hoping it re-engergizes me for the good work I've got ahead.

These wood panels I paint under the name Polly Sonic will be on view at Koffee on Audubon this June, along with my acrylic illustration work. The show I'm calling a "Two-Woman Solo Art Show". Maybe the only one that's ever been!